Mar 18, 2020

A Guide for Marketers to Navigate Their Content Strategy

Part of the reason such few businesses take their marketing seriously is because the process of getting information from simple ideas to the public can seem a little complicated.

There are so many little steps to keep track of, from the formation of the initial idea, to planning and thereafter content creation and analyzing how the public receives your work.

Taking time to develop a content strategy is therefore imperative to maintain the workflow necessary to publish and distribute amazing content, consistently.

Research shows that a majority of content marketers recommend strategizing and establishing content priorities in order to optimize your marketing operations towards achieving your preferred results.

That being said, what are some content priorities that should go in an effective content marketing strategy?

Your Business Model:

One of the key influencers of your chosen content marketing strategy is your business model. Your corporate organization and business operations determine how you structure your finances and your team, as well as the specific role that content plays to achieve your plans.

Your Target Audience

While planning, it is also important to take note of what you want to achieve once your target reader or customer has consumed your content, what value is intended to provide to your potential customer through your content and what action is your content meant to inspire that benefits your business.

To reach this target market however, it is imperative that you define not only the characteristics of their current buyer behavior, but also how this might change over time.

Once you have tailored your marketing strategy to suit your organizational and customer needs, then you will find you have established a unique strategy for communicating with people, taking into account the role of time in changing their needs. This gives your content plan the longevity and stability required to produce good quality content and consistently.

With a great content strategy, what team skills do you need to achieve your strategy goals?  

The structure of content, involving visual as well as textual elements, requires the members of the content team to have a varying set of skills.

From copywriting, editorial and design, data analytics and search engine optimization, to experience with various content management software such as WordPress, as well as basic coding skills.

This enables your marketing operations to churn out high quality content on a consistent basis with minimal time lost to additional training.

After an analysis of the available labor resources within your organization and their level of expertise, you can make decisions as to which skills need investment in training and which ones, if urgent, need to be outsourced.

In a nutshell,

The road to content success is clear. Your business model and operational dynamics inform the bulk of your strategy. Once you have established what business, product or service you are selling, you have to determine who will buy it. What is this person searching for? What kind of content do I make to reach them and convince they to buy from me? Once you have answered these questions, assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses towards meeting your content goals.

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