Mar 18, 2020

Blogging for Startups: A Marketing Manager’s Guide

Blogging is an amazing tool for reaching potential clients with all kinds of information.

Your startup blog can be used for updates concerning your product or service, launches, announcements or to share press coverage.

Interesting, relevant and informative posts can also drive traffic to your company website from search engines such as Google when people are looking for solutions related to your industry. Establishing your startup as the expert within your industry also serves to establish and heighten the trust between your audience and your organization.

That being said, these tips and tricks are key indicators of whether or not the content you publish will attract readership or not.

1. Good Quality & Consistent Content

To achieve the goal of a consistently large audience, you must ensure your workflow produces high quality content on a cyclical basis.  

First things first, you must choose topics your audience will enjoy. Instead of leaving this process up to chance and some last-minute magic, you could have members of your team suggest topics for consideration. Vote on it or pick the ones that look the most interesting.

Once they have been written keywords chosen, and search engine optimized, make sure to proofread and edit thoroughly before asking the designer to create an eye-catching graphic to publish alongside the blog post.

Within the blog post, include interesting facts and quotes by famous people.

2. Traction = Publishing Daily, Minimum Weekly

Publishing frequently is the key to high visibility, especially on social media.

Instead of posting 100 articles at once then going silent, it is infinitely better to post one article a week for years. Before publishing your first post, it is wise to have an archive of posts, so that you don’t run out of publishing material before you have worked on more.  

A trick you can use is setting up a number of essential categories, then ensuring you rotate posts accordingly in your editorial calendar. This way you maintain a casual checklist and avoid unnecessary repetition.  

3. Share. Share. Share!

Once published, it is important to share your work across various platforms, e-newsletters, mailing lists, and pay for advertising to push your articles towards new audiences.

Repost and reschedule posting for older articles on tools such as Buffer. You can post guest articles on specific blogs as well.

4. Quantity vs. Quality

It is advised to write more than 1500 words per post as those tend to do the best on search engines.

They can be a bit long though, so in order to avoid your startup’s audience dying of boredom from repetitive content, you could branch out from simply writing about your products in articles that are heavy with keywords and backlinks, and instead write more people-centered content.

You could for instance write about lessons learned on your startup journey, or market predictions and unique insights for your industry.

5. Stay updated with content trends that last forever

In as much as everyone wants to maintain a unique voice and content structure, there are writing trends that remain ever so popular with audiences.  

People can’t seem to get enough of article formats such as listicles, how-to’s, ultimate guides and interviews, especially of famous people, or those that have recently gonev iral, and even human-interest pieces.

Image based content such as graphics and YouTube videos will make your blogs more appealing depending on the target audience.

In a nutshell,

To find readers you, have to consistently publish good quality content, and please do not be shy about sharing your articles once posted.

Due to short attention spans, readers find it difficult to read pieces that are more than 1500 words long. Finally, remember that visuals attract views.

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