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Mar 18, 2020

How to Avoid Content Marketing Waste?

Content creation, together with distribution only, sounds simple to unseasoned marketers.

In reality, the processes are not only multi-layered, but they also involve numerous steps that could overwhelm marketers, generate waste, and negatively impact the company’s returns on investment (ROI).

Some sources of waste include the need to address each audience segment in isolation, the absence of an ‘idea accountant’, specializing in too many subjects, inadequate support for the creative team, and lack of consistency.  

Without appropriate fixes, these inefficiencies lower the effectiveness of most content marketing strategies, and prevent marketers from realizing their campaign objectives.      

How to Avoid Content Inefficiencies?

1. Address a Targeted Persona

Even though content marketers are encouraged to learn all they can about the wider audience, they are not supposed to produce visual or textual media for every identified persona.

Rather than distribute various iterations of similar content, they should address the targeted audience to avoid time wastage and confusion among readers.

2.Appoint an Idea Accountant

Pitches and ideas are likely to improve the company’s bottom-line if the marketing department appoints an idea accountant to take stock of the ideation process.

To avoid time wastage, an idea accountant keeps track of pitches from conception until conclusion, and even assesses performance after publication to generate insights that guide future concept formations  

3. Specialize in Specific Topics

Trying to specialize in every topic that appeals to the target audience overwhelms the content creation team and leads to resource waste.

Instead, incorporate a content mapping tool to assist the marketing team in identifying the main topic as well as subtopics that relate to the company’s chief objective.

4. Provide the Creative Team with Sufficient Support

Establish open communication channels with the creative team to ensure that they understand the company’s branding values and objectives, and have the necessary talents as well as capacity to fulfill the content creation mission within the deadline.

It is also imperative that they feel valued (through fair compensation) and understood (by listening to them in lieu of punishing creatives for implementing new ideas).

5. Production Inconsistencies

Identify an appropriate content distribution strategy and stick to it instead of publishing materials as soon as they are produced.

Editorial calendars help marketers adapt to publication schedules, thus improving consistency and minimizing waste.

How to Ensure Good Marketing ROI?

Companies that follow all the steps outlined above will score highly in their marketing audit. Consistency in publishing quality content without overextending resources is important.

I’m sure you’re wondering by now, why this careful consideration of strategy is important and does it impact the company bottom-line positively?

There are four strategies that companies can exploit to ensure good marketing ROI.

First, collaborate with the sales team to identify the targeted reader using sales data instead of solely relying on content engagement analytics. This way, organizations direct resources to agents that drive company revenue.

Second, the idea accountant should provide monthly or weekly reports that separate effective content marketing strategies from the unsuccessful ones to focus resources on productive ventures.

Third, after adopting a content mapping tool, the next step is to link the major topic to the service or product’s main use case. Additional efforts should focus on adding spokes that break down related opportunities or needs.

Finally, the editorial calendar guarantees that content creators publish at regular intervals so that the materials are not dismissed by the target readers as random musings.

In a nutshell,

The ability to avoid content marketing waste depends on how the company treats each process.

Strive to support creatives and hold them liable while encouraging collaborative work environments to increase the likelihood of maximizing returns on investment.

With helpful thinking and appropriate processes at the center of the content strategy, revenues will only continue to grow.

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