Feb 25, 2020

5 Content Marketing Goals Every Marketer Needs to Pursue

If you’ve ever found yourself curious about why some content makes it big and why other content only makes it to the dustbin, keep on reading.

In 2020, content remains king, but the truth is, not all content types help you reign.

In many cases, content marketing managers spend tons of hours planning their content marketing strategy ahead, yet somehow results don’t turn out as expected.

If you’ve ever found yourself curious about why some content makes it big and why other content only makes it to the dustbin, keep on reading.

In this article, we’re letting you in on 5 content marketing goals you need to pursue to drive real business growth and most importantly, to make your business shine!

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First things first, what are your business goals?

Yes, there are goals to content marketing but there are also larger business goals you need to consider in the first place.

Once that is done, you can come up with a content marketing strategy that serves these goals. That way, you won’t be creating content for the sole purpose of entertaining your audience, you’d be saving your business and driving more growth for the future.

Goal #1: Build Loyalty and Trust:

Let’s be honest, lack of trust kills conversions. That being said, you should make it a habit to create purposeful and valuable content for your audience. Think of topics but also content types such as blogs, infographics, case studies or eBooks that will help you assert your expertise and that best fit with your brand personality.

Goal #2: Never Settle for Existing Customers:

Yes, your content should be targeted towards your existing customers but you should also aim at letting new people find you. That’s why you should curate content that will never cease to attract new links, social media shares and spark online conversations.

Goal #3: Become a Problem-Solver

Knowing your audience's pains, fears and concerns helps you come up with content that basically solves all their problems. If your audience is concerned about health problems, money problems or technology-related problems, you should stress on those when writing your core content marketing message.

And remember, you don’t just dig up their problems and leave it at that. Your message should illustrate how your business can solve these issues.

Goal #4: Become a Story-Teller

Instead of telling your customers that your product is nice or that your service is mind-blowing, try actually showing them what it feels like to be the owner of your product or service. Talk about the experience your audience would gain instead of listing down the attributes of your business.

Goal #5: Never Stop Collecting Insights

In marketing, the tempo of change is constantly quickening. This is because new problems come to the forefront and inspire new conversations on social media. As a result, you want to make sure to listen to your customers and see if there are any new problems that you can solve through your business and therefore your content.

Watch what excites people, what scares them and what bores them, and never stop chasing new ideas for your content.

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